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lemons and lemonade


Happy new year 2013 to everyone!

This is my own “welcome back” story, since I want to start writing again and continue with this blog. I was happy to receive a message from a reader asking what happened and why aren’t there any new posts?

When I created this blog my intention was to keep it alive and to write as often as I could. However, “as often as I could” turned into “not writing at all for months”. And the truth is, life has been throwing a lot of lemons my way in the past months, and my free time has been reduced to crumbles. But, do I still believe in the encouraging thoughts I’ve shared so far in this blog? Absolutely, and they have kept me going. I still believe in love the way I see it, in God, in being persistent, joyful, and in being good.

I continue getting some lemons my way, and I’ve been trying to make the best out of them, I’m trying to make lemonade every day. I’m learning how to make the best out of what I have, and I’ve been forced to stretch my patience to the limits. I’ve been dealing with difficult and stressful situations that include a divorce, a motorcycle accident, university, work, and so on. But, I haven’t given up, and recently I’ve found a new love, I ended up obtaining excellent grades at school, and I have new hopes.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I feel completely exhausted, and I really wish things could resolve much faster and with less effort involved. But many times even the ideal solution entitles a great degree of work, and you must continue. So if I need to continue, it is much better to do it while being thankful for what I have. Even with its difficulties, I’m happy about my life and the beautiful things I get to enjoy.

At the end of the day, life is not that bad after all… it can throw you lots of lemons, but if you decide to make some lemonade with them, it will also give you some sugar to sweeten up your life (lemonade).